Below are the services I provide. 

I like oddball, customized projects too so please send me your ideas.


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Website Copy

Does your web copy create a barrier between you and potential clients? If they're confused or bored, they'll walk away without a second thought.

Your website should feel lively & authentic with its pages working in harmony; generating interest, defining your brand and driving sales. 

I write light, clear copy in the voice of your brand that drives clients to action.


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Product & Listing Descriptions

Action-oriented, informative copy that speaks to readers in the voice of your brand.

Sparse but potent copy aimed at the psychology of your target clients.



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Email Campaigns

Attention-grabbing, relevant content for newsletters and email series.

I highlight your best angles, remind your audience of your services and tap into those intangible desires that prompt readers to make a purchase.




Original, quality content is king. Blogs drive traffic to your website, improve your Google rank and promote your expertise. But... they're time consuming.

As a blog writer I generate topics within your niche, headlines that demand click-throughs, and well-researched, interesting content that fuels your content marketing.

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Targeted resume makeovers that get your foot in the door.

Your resume must appear to be all about you, but written to be all about your potential employer's needs. I use modern layouts and formats that fit your field and experience (or lack thereof!) and tailor each resume version to your targeted job.