About me?

Leigh Green

I must confess: this is also about you.

You’ve found this page, hopefully on purpose, and have surrendered to reading it if only for a moment. You’re doing the work of decoding, deciphering and perceiving. You’re also reading between the lines, wondering with perhaps rapidly fading interest who I really am, and what I’m all about.

We're in this together.

As a writer, I'm all about what makes people tick. It never gets old. With each new project, I get to grapple with the psychology of my audience - your clients. I dwell (rather deeply) on what drives them to action. Their ideas of how they fit into this great big world underpin the purchases they make and the businesses they support.

As a writer, I’m also all about the cadence of language; the flow and rhythm, the movement and structure. I’m drawn to the challenge of unearthing core messages that results in pure, transcendent copy. I believe less is almost always more.

About Me:

I have an extensive “Want To Read” queue on Goodreads, and my favorite books usually have young, precocious narrators. I had an odd James Joyce phase in college that led me to Ireland and a dalliance with Scandinavian murder mysteries that led me nowhere.

I love dogs. I have a cranky, adorable Boston Terrier named Bella who smells pretty bad and is perfect. I volunteer as a dog-walker once a month at La Mancha Animal Rescue, and come home smelling pretty bad myself. I once considered buying a “Wag More, Bark Less” bumper sticker, but I don’t like telling people what to do.

I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with my wry, patient husband and two beautiful, loving and impatient kids.

I care a lot about nachos.

I used to be a teacher, which was not my calling as I don’t like telling people what to do. After the birth of my children I gave my notice and began a new life as a stay at home parent and administrator for Greensleeves Music, my husband’s music company. I gradually took on all the marketing and writing for the business and had an epiphany: this is it.

As odd as it may sound, copywriting is the job of my dreams. It’s complex, creative, and psychologically-driven. Each and every project is different from the next and benefits all parties involved. It brings me in contact with inspiring people I'd never otherwise meet, and spurs my curiosity about how I fit into this great big world.

It's what I'm all about.


Did I mention I'd love to work for you?

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University of Pennsylvania: MSED in Reading, Writing & Literacy and T.E.S.O.L.

West Chester University: BSED in English Education, Summa Cum Laude

Fairhope Orchards: My First Job and introduction to the science of Corn Marketing

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