PR Pitch Letter for Countable.

Subject suggestions:

Pitch: Citizens Connect Directly to White House with Phone App Countable

Pitch: Phone App Countable Remedies Political Anxieties

Pitch: Phone App Countable Connects Citizens to Lawmakers

Pitch: Citizens’ Voices Heard by Congress via Phone App Countable


The changing American political scene has triggered a boom of interest among citizens who want to understand and engage with lawmakers’ decisions. Following President Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s March On Washington is a rising sense of public urgency to have some kind of influence on politics. People simply want to know and do more.

Millions of citizens are discovering the next steps for action and clarity have been made simple with phone application Countable. Countable is an interactive, customizable app that allows users to send messages directly to their Congress members based on concise, non-partisan summaries of the bills facing Congress. Countable makes government engagement simple.

Now one of the top 5 free news apps in the App Store, with thousands of downloads every day and popularity that parallels the New York Times and BuzzFeed, it’s quickly becoming a primary destination for daily, user-friendly access to American politics. Hundreds of thousands of messages have already been sent to Congress via Countable since Election Day, 2016.

The layout of Countable is vibrant and easily navigable, with a newsfeed of upcoming bills, “Get to Know” features and news, all filtered by the user’s own selected issues of importance. Users can click on “Take Action” or vote with simple “Yea/Nay” options, and a zip-code based section allows for localized, grassroots engagement.

Inspired by the sheer (and surprising) lack of mobile apps of its kind, Countable leaders consider non-partisan presentation of issues to be their number one concern. Writers from all political leanings continuously check each other’s work, and advisors include former members of Congress and former heads of news sources such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC News and CBS Evening News. Together, they work tirelessly to eliminate bias.

Countable is poised to join the rising tide of social engagement as an accessible and positive forum, easing the anxieties of those overwhelmed by the quagmire of political news and tensions. It’s a safe place for people to learn about the laws and issues affecting their lives, and to respond in a way that has real impact. Bart Myers, CEO, says, “We really want to make it a place where someone can go for 5 minutes in the morning, every morning, and feel like they made a difference.”