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Your resume has only 6 seconds to make an impression. That's the average amount of time your future boss will spend looking at it.

Make those 6 seconds game-changing with a powerful, beautifully-written resume.


Why hire a resume writer?

Save time & stress less

My clients pass on the task of writing and formatting a resume themselves. Instead, they:

  • invest in a superior resume
  • free themselves from a thankless, overwhelming task
  • devote valuable time to the job search, interviewing, and life itself...

... and they're a lot happier for it! 


The average job opening attracts 250 applicants.

2% get interviewed. 

Outdated, improper formats and ineffective wording are resume killers

To get noticed in 2018, your resume should have:

  • results-oriented content
  • personable, professional language
  • appealing, streamlined layouts

Stand out with a powerful, modern resume.

Get Results

I write resumes & cover letters that:

  • Pass Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Command attention
  • Land interviews
“I am impressed by your process from start to finish! Especially your probing questions and demeanor from beginning to payment process. I would recommend you without pause or concern, in a heartbeat! I was very hesitant in doing this but you changed my mind! ☺”
— Victoria
“Leigh created a resume that lands me interviews. I love how it looks and am proud to send it out. She exceeded my expectations!”
— Amanda


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