How Blogs Are Bluebloods When Content is King; The Big Impact of a Small Business Blog


Business is good. You have a growing client base and a growing income. Maybe you’ve invested some cash into advertising and have successfully established a social media presence. Your website is solid.

But is it enough?

Big budget businesses blog. In doing so, they drive content, establish their authority and streamline their branding. They delve into the benefits of their products and the experience of being their consumer.

Business blogs create, control and spread the brand story.

It’s not always called a blog, either. Reebok’s newly unveiled Innovation Collective is set to  “expose stories of partnership, design and creation.” Readers are “invited to witness and participate in our pursuit of progression as we aim to enable yours.” Disney’s Oh My Disney includes coming-soon posts, news about the park, and quizzes like, “Which Moana Quote Do You Need In Your Life At This Very Moment?” West Elm’s Front + Main blog runs along the dizzying gamut of lifestyle and industry topics with posts like “Tour West Elm’s Fair Trade Rug Factory in India,” “Celebrate DUMBO With Musician Nicole Atkins,” and “An Edible Halloween Terrarium Sure to Spook Your Guests.”

But you’re not a big business. How do you take on something of this scope?

Hire a freelance writer

The key is to simply get started. The blog doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be long-winded. And it doesn’t need to offer interactive quizzes. All you need is quality content about the things you already understand: your business, your field, and your experiences.

Once that first blog post is up, it gets to work gaining traction, pulling in views and expanding your customer base.

In case you’re not yet sold on the idea, here are five reasons your business should be blogging:


Your Competition Looms

Chances are you have not yet cornered the market (though congratulations if you have). When potential customers comb your website or check out your Facebook page, what do they see that separates you from the pack?

A well-written blog might not overtly convince someone to hire your business or buy your goods, but it leaves an impression. It shows that you value customer satisfaction. It shows that you’ll take time to engage with clients. It shows a genuine interest in your field. It shows intelligence. All of these features suggest a positive experience awaits those who choose to do business with you.


Respect Mah Authoritah

You know what you’re doing, and this is your field. A blog allows you to establish yourself and your business as go-to authorities.

“That guy knows so much about adjustable-rate mortgages,” they’ll think to themselves in awe.

A smart blog can show potential clients the complexity of an industry, revealing subjects and concepts your readers didn’t know they didn’t know. By being the publisher of that blog, you’ve shown your expertise in the field and your position as a resource and leader within it.

Blogs can also act as a catalogue of replies for client inquiries, allowing you to provide in-depth answers to the questions you hear the most. Published blogs serve as a simple way for handling FAQs.


Website Boost

A blog works like a vitamin, improving your website from the inside out. It brings traffic to your site and - if good - holds it there. After reading your blog, people bounce around to different pages, likely traveling through your Home and About while taking in your brand, products, and services. Every second spent on your website increases the likelihood of a conversion.

If written and posted with consideration of Search Engine Optimization, your blog can help to improve your website’s standings in Google. More people find you, visit your site and, alas, convert to sales.



Evergreen Marketing Content

What is the first thing I’ll do after publishing this blog? Share it on Facebook. A blog provides you with high-quality content you can then use throughout all of your marketing channels. It’s interesting and engaging and thus, very easy to market.

Mention your blog post on Facebook, talk it up on Instagram, tweet it out and hyperlink it in your email signature. As you accumulate a series of blog posts, link back in new posts when the content is relevant and further establish your authority.


Share the Love

A blog is a great way to take a break from the business-y side of your business and to simply spread some goodwill. Blogs are free to your clients, and allow you to offer complimentary ideas, tips, and insights.

Running a business with a closed fist may allow you pinch pennies, but think of the trust and positive associations your clients may feel knowing you gave them something for nothing.... especially if it's well-written. 

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