Real Estate Listings

home listing


Newsletter Profiles

Interviewed Shipley School alumni and wrote profiles for the school website and magazine.

Prashant Bhuyan

Jewelry Copy


PR Pitch Letter

Written for Countable, currently #1 free news app in the App Store.

Email Marketing Sequence

Wrote an auto responder email sequence, sent to subscribing clients, including Welcome email, personal email from the owner, and promotional emails for a fine jewelry line.



Newsletter Writing

Chamber of Commerce newsletter articles.


Promotional Copywriting for Music Business

Wrote copy for music and entertainment company's feature in a bridal guide.

Blog content writing.

Writing a series of blog articles for a dog-focused website.

How to Read Your Dog's Emotional Cues

A Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

"About" page writing.

Writing the copy for a jewelry line and designer's "About" page. 

Copywriting for a fine jewelry line.

Provision of product description and website content.


Ghost-writing a photographer's blog.

Writing the blog posts for a photographer's website. Portraying the distinct story of each event with use of SEO.


Collaborative writing of stylist's webpage bio.


Copywriting for an apparel line.

Copywriting for line of shirts with humorous, eccentric style.

Samples:     Conformist shirt     //    I Speak Fluent Emoji shirt     //      Sorry Not Sorry shirt

Big Poppa shirt     //     Ctrl Alt Delete shirt